The "Silicon Wadi" meets Switzerland event brings the incredible success story of Israel's high-tech industry to Switzerland.

How big is this success? "More venture capital investments on a per capita basis is flowing into Israel each year than into any country in the world including the US!" Dan Senor, author of the bestselling book Startup-Nation.

At this event some of the currently most promising high-tech firms from Israel will be present.
In panel discussions and breakout sessions the success is discussed with leading think-tanks, entrepreneurs and technology universities.

The event is an ideal place to learn about latest high-tech trends. Also you will experience first-hand, what is behind this success story and how it was possible in a country with less people and resources than Switzerland.

June 19, 2017 Volkshaus Zürich

Opens: 8:30 am Begins: 9:00 am Ends: 3:30pm

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Israel Innovation Success Stories

The inventor of the USB stick
Dov Moran, Managing Partner, Grove Ventures
The path from disruptive innovation to market leadership

Daniel Gutenberg, General Partner, VI Partners
The story behind the biggest-ever acquisition of an Israeli tech company ($15.3 billion)

Jonathan Medved, Founder & CEO, Ourcrowd
My most and least successful high-tech ventures and what the future might look like.


High-tech exhibition and networking

"Silicon Wadi" Innovation Ecosystem

Venture Capital
Interview with Shlomo Kalish, Managing Director, Jerusalem Global Ventures
20 years, 40+ investments, 6 $1 billion+ exits, 15+ M&As, 10+ IPOs

Education System: Form the new Innovators and Entrepreneurs
Prof. Peretz Lavie, President, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

History of "Silicon Wadi" and how its innovation ecosystem works
Adiv Baruch, Chairman, CHaI Technology Group

Lunch Break

High-tech exhibition and networking

Panel Discussion I

Understanding Israel's Innovation Ecosystem & Entrepreneurship Culture
  • risk-taking mentality, failure acceptance
  • critical thinking and questioning, "chutzpah"
  • entrepreneurship - 75% of university graduates want to start a company or join a startup (compared with 5% in Switzerland)
  • self-motivation, visionary thinking
  • government support, military incubator

moderated by Ralf Haller, CEO, extendance

Panel Discussion II

What can Switzerland learn from Israel's Innovation Ecosystem?
  • state-funded innovation investment programs
  • use military budgets for high-tech products / companies incubation and entrepreneurship education programs
  • entrepreneurship & risk-taking culture
  • high-speed international market entries

moderated by Philipp Löpfe, economics journalist,

Coffee. Final.

High-tech exhibition and networking


Prof. Peretz Lavie

Prof. Peretz Lavie is the 16th president of Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, having taken the position on October 1, 2009. Between 1993 and 1999, Prof. Lavie served as dean of the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, and between 2001 and 2008, as Technion’s vice president for resource development and external relations.

Prof. Lavie is a world-respected Lavie authority on the psychophysiology of sleep and sleep disorders. He is the author of several books, including: The Enchanted World of Sleep and Restless Nights: Understanding Sleep Apnea and Snoring. He has founded several start-up companies, including Itamar Medical Ltd.

Dov Moran

Dov Moran formed M-Systems in 1989, a pioneer in the flash data storage market. The company invented the USB Flash Drive (DiskOnKey), the FlashDisk (DiskOnChip) as well as several other innovative flash data storage devices. Under Moran's leadership, M-Systems grew to $1B revenue within 18 years, and at the end of 2006 it was acquired by SanDisk Corp (NSDQ: SNDK) for $1.6B. This still ranks as the third largest acquisition in Israel's history.

After the sale of M-Systems, Moran founded Modu, an innovative company with a revolutionary modular phone concept, which eventually sold its patents to Google in 2011. These patents are the basis for Google's modular phone project, called Project Ara .

During his time at Modu, Dov was also the chairman of Tower Semiconductor, a developer and manufacturer of semiconductors and integrated circuits. During his tenure, he turned the struggling company around towards profitability. Moran was also chairman of Biomas, a developer of innovative pharmaceuticals.

In 2011, Moran founded Comigo, a company with a vision of revolutionizing the TV viewing experience. The company developed a multi-screen platform for Pay TV operators, redefining personalization, social viewing and engagement. Moran is acting as the chairman of the company.

In the course of his entrepreneurial work, Moran has filed more than 40 patents.

Daniel Gutenberg

Daniel Gutenberg is angel investor, venture capitalist and unicorn hunter.

He invested in more than 60 startup companies during the last 20 years and serves as board member for various companies.

His focus is on IT and he enjoys living his passion to find the next big investment opportunity.

He has received numerous awards and was elected business angel of the year 2011.

Furthermore he’s president of the Swiss Technion Society and YPO member since 1998.

Daniel started his career as CEO of Gutenberg Communication Systems AG, a company he founded in 1991.

After selling his company in 2000, he became an active business angel and joined VI Partners in 2003 as a Venture Partner focusing on IT.

VI Partners

VI Partners is a Swiss venture capital firm that supports university spin-off's as well as other promising start-up companies with capital, coaching, consulting and its extensive contact network.

Via the current "Venture Incubator" fund VI Partners invests "Smart Money" to develop promising technology-based ideas for products and services into successful businesses.

Venture Incubator was established by McKinsey & Company and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich (ETHZ), and started operations in 2001.

It now manages an investment fund of CHF 101 million.

The investors represent ten blue-chip enterprises from the industrial and financial services industries.

Elad Frenkel

Elad Frenkel was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Aqwise in 2007, bringing considerable experience in technology oriented ventures, global operations, diverse markets and industries, as well as marketing, business development, legal, finance and M&A background.

Prior to Aqwise, Elad Frenkel served as Director of Business Development at Elron Electronic Industries, a leading Israel-based technology holding company, and a member of the IDB Holding Group, one of Israel’s largest conglomerates.

During his tenure in Elron, Elad Frenkel led Elron’s penetration into the Clean-Tech arena, through large-scale investments focusing in water technologies.

Elad Frenkel is a member of the Israeli Legal Bar Association, and graduated magna cum laude from the Tel Aviv University Law Faculty (LL.B.).

He also holds a B.A degree in Economics from the Tel Aviv University.

Jonathan Medved

Jonathan Medved is a serial entrepreneur and, according to the Washington Post, “one of Israel’s leading high tech venture capitalists.”

Before starting OurCrowd in 2013, Medved spent the prior two decades as a venture and angel investor and invested in almost 200 startup companies, helping to bring 20 of them to values in excess of $100M.

Dr. Marjan Kraak

As of November 2014 Marjan Kraak is heading the spin-off group at ETH transfer.

Prior she was Business Development Manager at the technology transfer office.

She etsablished and managed the Innovation and Entrepreneurship lab in the Life Sciences (ieLab HPL) from January 2013 - February 2016.

Marjan is a biologist by training and has a doctoral degree in Biotechnology from ETH Zurich.

She has 10 years of industry experience in product development at Morwell Diagnostics, Switzerland, project management at DSM Biologics, the Netherlands and global marketing at Tecan and Qiagen, Switzerland in the fields of biotechnology and medical- and molecular diagnostics.

Marjan is a board member of the Startupticker Foundation, a jury member of and Venture Kick and a member of Switt.

Dr. Jana Thiel

Jana earned her PhD from Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland, where she researched technology commercialization and entrepreneurial strategy.

Prior to coming to ETHZ Jana held research positions at ESADE Business School in Barcelona, Spain and at Maastricht University, in the Netherlands.

Jana’s research focuses on entrepreneurial action and management.

Her preferred context for research, education, and coaching are science-based and high-tech ventures.

Jana’s own founding experience covers the launch of a software-as-a-service business in the social marketing domain, which generated insight into B2B start-up strategy, growing and internationalizing venture operations, investor pitches, and anything between operational excellence and stupid mistakes...

Min Li Marti

Ich wurde am 1. Juni 1974 in Bern geboren, bin in Olten aufgewachsen und wohne seit 1995 in Zürich.

Am 18. Oktober wurde ich für die SP in den Nationalrat gewählt. Dort bin ich Mitglied in der Kommission für Wissenschaft, Bildung und Kultur und in der Legislaturplanungskommission.

Von 2002 bis 2o16 war ich Mitglied des Zürcher Gemeinderates. 2009 wurde ich zur Fraktionspräsidentin der SP-Fraktion gewählt. Dadurch bin ich seither Präsidentin der Interfraktionellen Kommission (IFK). Als Studentin sass ich für den VSU im Studierendenrat und war dort als Vizepräsidentin Mitglied des Büros.

Seit Februar 2015 bin ich Verlegerin und Chefredaktorin der Wochenzeitung P.S.. Davor arbeitete ich als Senior Consultant für die Kommunikationsagenturen hscc und Kampagnenforum. Mit Andrea Sprecher war ich bei der SP Schweiz Co-Leiterin Kampagnen und Kommunikation und stellvertretende Generalsekretärin und hatte insbesondere die operative Leitung der Wahlen 2011 inne. 2008 bis 2010 arbeitete ich als Zentralsekretärin für Kampagnen und Werbung beim vpod. 2004 hatte ich mit Philip Delaquis und Stefan Zuber die Produktionsfirma Das Kollektiv gegründet. Gemeinsam haben wir Filme produziert wie die Dokumentarfilme „Guru: Bhagwan, his Secretary and his Bodyguard“ von Beat Häner und Sabine Gisiger und „Forbidden Voices“ von Barbara Miller, oder den an der Berlinale gezeigten Spielfilm „Soundless Wind Chime“ von Kit Hung. Daneben habe ich verschiedene Wahl- und Abstimmungskämpfe geführt. Von 2000 bis 2004 arbeitete ich als Parteisekretärin bei der SP Kanton Zürich und war unter anderem für die erfolgreichen Kantonsrats-Wahlen 2003 zuständig. Während der letzten Jahre meines Studiums arbeitete ich für die mittlerweile eingestellte Musik-Seite bei Bluewin und war Kolumnistin bei 20 Minuten.

2000 habe ich mein Studium in Soziologie, Publizistikwissenschaft und Sozial- und Wirtschaftsgeschichte mit dem Lizenziat abgeschlossen. Danach habe ich beim SPRI ein CAS in Unternehmenskommunikation gemacht und mich bei Focal zum Thema Drehbuchschreiben weitergebildet. Zudem absolvierte ich einen Weiterbildungskurs an der ZHAW in Leadership und Change Management.

Philipp Löpfe

Philipp Löpfe, 63, in 2012 and 2015 was named Swiss Economic Journalist of the Year.

He works for the online news portal «Watson». He has a Masters degree in Arts (University of Zürich) and an MBA (Universitiy of St. Gallen).

In his long career Mr. Löpfe was editor-in-chief of «Tages-Anzeiger» and «SonntagsBlick».

He has written several books, the most recent one, together with Oliver Fiecheter, is called «Aufstieg der digitalen Stammesgesellschaft» (Ascent of the digital tribal society).

Philipp Löpfe is married and lives in Zürich.

We've set out to build a completely new user experience in the area of news and entertainment on mobile devices.

Our first focus will be Switzerland, especially the German speaking part.

Shlomo Kalish

Shlomo Kalish is a venture industry veteran. He is the founder of Jerusalem Global Ventures, and a Managing Partner in Vaizra Investments. Shlomo is a member of the Board of Governors of the Technion and the Jerusalem College of Technology. He has a PhD in Operations Research and a MSc in Business from MIT. Shlomo started his career as an IAF fighter pilot.

His current companies are: Moovit, Ginger, Lumus, and Powermat.

Past investments include: Wilocity, Mellanox, Galileo, Creo, PictureVision,, Saifun, PowerDsine, AtHoc, Oridion, Accord Video.

Jerusalem Global Ventures

Jerusalem Global Ventures (JGV) is a venture capital fund that invests in Israeli technology startups.

The two leading partners of the fund, Shlomo Kalish and Ranan Grobman, have been working together for 17+ years through multiple market cycles.

Our success comes from a strong track record of backing category-defining companies across a broad range of technology sectors.

The strength of JGV is to invest in companies who are visionary and leaders in their respective fields.

Nicolas Bürer

Nicolas Bürer is Managing director at digitalswitzerland since October 2016.

He studied Physics at the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL).

From 2011 to 2013 he worked as Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer at

He then went on to co-found, of which he still is Chairman.

In January 2014, he was appointed Managing Director of Joiz Switzerland.

Since the beginning of 2016, Nicolas Bürer has also been the Vice-Chairman of the Swiss Startup Association.


digitalswitzerland (formerly DigitalZurich2025) is an industry-overarching initiative whose purpose is to position Switzerland as an attractive location for digital startups, corporations and talents and to assist Swiss companies in meeting digital challenges.

The initiative was launched in 2015 by renowned companies, industry associations and representatives of the Swiss political, business and scientific communities.

It now counts more than 70 of Switzerland’s best known organisations among its members.

As a sign of personal commitment and dedication, we have launched several initiatives, focusing on three key areas: attracting outstanding digital talent, helping existing companies master digital challenges and significantly strengthening the Swiss startup ecosystem.

digitalswitzerland is taking initiatives in the area of politics framework, talent & education, startup enablement, thought leadership and public communication in order to achieve our mission.

We count more than 25 core or partner projects in 2017 in our portfolio.

Ralf Haller

Ralf Haller's 20 year IT career has spanned various marketing and business development roles, based on his training as an electrical engineer and masters in Telecommunication Systems (Karlsruhe Technology Institute).

His career started while at university, when he took an assistant role in the USA. Later, he excelled as an IT project manager for large key account clients at CompuNet in Munich and also worked in Hong Kong supporting the Asian region.

This prompted his move to Silicon Valley where he lived for many years, working as a Product Manager for successful startups building datacommunication equipment.

Since 2001, Ralf provides product marketing support and has organised specialist IT events in Switzerland that explore current IT trends and introduce the Swiss market to new and pioneering technologies from Silicon Valley.

Owing to his strong links with Silicon Valley, the Swiss cantons rely on him as a valued advisor for fresh and exciting startup activities emerging from there.

Ralf is also the organizer of international high-tech, innovation, entrepreneurship and business events in Switzerland, among them:

H.E. Jacob Keidar

Work experience

  • 2016 - now: Ambassador of Israel to Switzerland and Liechtenstein
  • 2011 - 2016: Inspector General – Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • 2007 – 2011: Ambassador – Embassy of Israel Nairobi Kenya, accredited to Kenya, Uganda, Seychelles, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, United Nations – UNEP and HABITAT.
  • 2005 – 2007: Acting Deputy Director General - Middle Eastern Affairs
  • 2001 – 2007: Director of Multilateral Peace Talks Coordination Department
  • 1997 – 2001: Consul General of Israel in Shanghai, China
  • 1995 – 1997: Director of International Department, Centre for Political Research
  • 1994 – 1995: Counselor – Information Department
  • 1990 – 1994: Counselor, Embassy of Israel in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1988 – 1990: First Secretary, Centre for Political Research
  • 1985 – 1988: First Secretary, Embassy of Israel in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1983 – 1985: School of Diplomacy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Education background

  • 1997: M.A. International Relations, The Hebrew University Jerusalem
  • 1983: B.A. in International Relations and East Asian Studies The Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Adiv Baruch

Adiv Baruch is acting as The Chairman of CHaI Technology Group since inception.

Mr. Baruch is also a major shareholder and the active chairman of Jerusalem Technology Investment (JTI) a leading investment platform in the Israel innovative technology companies traded in TASE.

Also, Mr. Baruch is the Chairman and major shareholder of Ness-Collage the leading Technology Collage in Israel for technology professions and innovative entrepreneurs.

Mr. Baruch is also acting as the president for Nyotron a leading global Cyber technology company.

Mr. Baruch has also served as chairman and founder for few US traded companies such as B.O.S., a company publicly traded on both NASDAQ (BOSC) and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Ness Technologies (NASDAQ: NSTC), and the president of Ness Ventures.

He has served as founder and executive/director for several information technology companies and Internet start-ups and gained global experience and network in China, North America and Europe.

Mr. Baruch is actively involved as the Chairman of the Hi-Tech and Telecom Division at the Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute (IEICI), and was a member of the board audit committee of the IEICI.

Mr. Baruch has also gain extensive experience in the financial market and served as a director for the Bank of Jerusalem, as well as, incepting few companies in the FINTECH landscape.

Mr. Baruch has lead global strategies to many companies in the technology related sector and has executed few tens of successful mergers and acquisitions.

Mr. Baruch is leading today the innovation arm of the largest Jewish Organization sponsoring over 60,000 students.

Mr. Baruch is also a member of the YPO-WPO organization since 2005.

He is also involved in some Non For Profit organization acting as the Chairman for "Or-Lachayal", local chairman for Kids Hunger organization and was a board member for the "Make a wish foundation" in Israel for 10 years since inception.

Mr. Baruch has a B.Sc. in Information Systems and Industrial Engineering from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.

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